F45 Training Sheridan

Special Introductory Offer only for MREB Members:

Only $49 and Includes:

21 Days of Unlimited Training at F45 Sheridan
2 Certified F45 trainers Every Class

Full Access to the F45 Nutrition Plan
No Mirrors, No Ego, No Judgement

All Fitness Levels Welcome!

F45 Sheridan is led by Owner & Head Trainer, Syoubonh, with over 20 years of fitness training experience in Mississauga!

Valid only for MREB Members and their immediate family. This intro offer must be activated by December 21, 2019. For new members only. Please contact F45 Sheridan by phone (905) 916-5777 and e-mail sheridan@f45training.com to book your complementary 15-minute registration and private tour of our studio.

Welcome to F45 Training Sheridan! The “F” stands for Functional Training, and the “45” stands for the total time of each workout class – 45 minutes. F45 offers a 45-minute high intensity interval training with functional movements that is circuit-based. The workouts themselves are appropriate for everyone, as you can push yourself as hard as you want, or moderately at your own pace. All exercises can be scaled as needed. The workouts pair both interval cardio and strength training, which has been shown to be the most effective method of burning fat and building lean muscle. F45 creates and promotes a community feel. You always feel like you are working out with friends, and the rest of the members encourage you beyond what you think you can do. 



F45 Training Sheridan is located at Sherwood Forrest Village, 1900 Dundas Street West, between Mississauga Road and Erin Mills Parkway. https://sherwoodforrestvillage.com/map/f45training/

E-mail: sheridan@f45training.com

Phone: (905) 916-5777

Website: f45training.ca/sheridan

Instagram: @f45sheridan

Facebook: F45 Training Sheridan


Meet Syoubonh, Owner & Head Trainer:

Syoubonh has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her passion to work with clients and be part of their healthy lifestyle led her to open F45 Training Sheridan. Syoubonh pours all of her energy and dedication to motivate everyone to achieve their personal fitness goals. F45 Training Sheridan is her dream come true!


We look forward to having you sweat with us!


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