Sign By-Laws: City of Mississauga, and Surrounding Cities


Important Member Update: July 5, 2019

Mississauga Sign By-Law 54-02 Amendment:


The Mississauga Real Estate Board has been working with the City of Mississauga, lobbying on your behalf, to better reflect the needs of Mississauga REALTORS® related to the current Sign By-Laws. MREB's focus was specifically getting formal permission granted for “Sold” and “Coming Soon” signage, as well asking for an increase in the number of "Open House" signs for a property. The City currently allows 3 sign maximum.
MREB is pleased to announce that our lobbying efforts have been successful. Mississauga is the first City in the region to allow the use of "Coming Soon" signs. Following are the amendments to the City of Mississauga's Sign By-Laws effective July 4, 2019. To view the revised Sign By-law 54-02 (PDF), click here

Updated July 5, 2019 - By-law provisions include, but not limited to:

  • Real estate signs are not permitted to be displayed on public property, including public fences between municipal streets.
  • Real estate signs cannot exceed 1 m2 in area on residential zoned properties and 4m2 on non-residential zoned properties.
  • Banner signs are prohibited.
  • The display of a sign or advertisement on a vehicle or trailer parked or located for the primary purpose of displaying the sign or advertisement is prohibited.
  • Directional “house for sale” signs are not permitted.
  • Only one (1) real estate sign is permitted to be displayed per street line.
  • "Coming Soon" signs can be displayed on a property coming up for sale. Maximum of TWO (2) weeks before the MLS® Listing Date.
  • "Sold” signs are now permitted. "Sold" signs must be removed within THIRTY (30) days following the sale of a property.
  • SIX (6) Open House Directional signs per open house property. Open House Directional signs must display the hours of the open house.
  • Open house signs are not permitted to be displayed on traffic islands or medians.          
  • Open House Signage can only be displayed between 10:00am and 6:00pm on the day of your open house.

Please adhere to the City of Mississauga Real Estate Sign Regulations that are currently in place. Failure to adhere to these regulations can/shall result in additional fees and fines from the City.​​

For comprehensive requirements regarding real estate and open house signs, please refer to the Sign By-law at:

Please direct any questions to, The City of Mississauga at 311 or (905) 615-4311 outside the City limits.

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