Second Units Mississauga

Second Units

The City of Mississauga has repealed the current Second Unit Licensing By-law (By-law 204-13) and replaced it with Second Units Registration By-law (By-law 114-16) enacted and passed June 8, 2016.

What is a Second Unit?

A second unit is a self-contained living unit within a detached, semi-detached house or townhouse. As part of the registration process, the second unit must comply with the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, and the Mississauga Zoning By-law.

Property Owners are required to complete a second unit registration application and submit it at the Planning and Building Customer Services Centre on 3rd Floor, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Can I have a Second Unit?

A second unit will only be legal if it complies with official plan policies, zoning regulations and if there is a City of Mississauga registration for the unit. 


Why should I Register my Second Unit?

A legal second unit is healthy and safe which gives peace of mind to owners and tenants that know their rights and obligations. 

Illegal second units will be subjected to fines. Risks may involve the inability to recover the costs from insurance when filing a claim. Legalizing second units is the right thing to do. 


What are the Zoning regulations?

Some of the Zoning regulations for dwellings with second units include:

  • one second unit in detached, semi-detached, or townhouse dwellings 
  • one on-site parking space for the second unit
  • the second unit should be greater than 35m2 and should be above the first floor
  • no stairs, stairwells and retaining walls for entrances below the first floor that faces a street
  • a setback of 1.2m (4ft.) for new entrances, stairs porches or decks in side yards, rear yards or below the first floor 
  • Second units are not permitted in basements in identified flood areas  


What are the Ontario Fire Code and Building Code regulations? 

Dwellings with second units must comply with the following regulations of the Ontario Fire or Building Code, if applicable:

  • fire separation barriers 
  • separate means of exit from each unit 
  • Installation/enlargement of windows in bedrooms
  • smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • electrical safety, where required by the Fire Code


What are the Registration requirements? 

Application for registration at the Planning and Building Customer Service Centre, located at 300 City Centre Drive, 3rd Floor during business hours. Some of the requirements for registration include:

  •  right-of-entry for City staff
  • proof of ownership 
  • no construction, renovation, alteration or addition without a Building Permit 
  • ensure that the property and occupants comply with all City by-laws including:
    • The Ontario Building Code;
    • The Ontario Fire Code;
    • The Ontario Electrical Safety Code. as required by the Ontario Fire Code;
    • The City's Zoning By-law 225-2007;
    • The Second Units Registration by-law 114-16; and 
    • Any other applicable law


What do I need to apply for registration?

The following information is required when applying for registration:

  • A completed application form signed by the owner of the property. The application process is free 
  • Proof of an issued building permit for the second unit or information on when the unit was created 
  • If your unit existed before July 14, 1994, you will need to supply a signed affidavit confirming the creation date


Other Important Information

The City's goals for legalizing second units include ensuring safety, preserving public services. Some important information to keep in mind about rights and responsibilities for second units"

  • Responsibility - Homeowners are responsible for meeting health and safety standards in homes and complying with applicable laws and codes 
  • Insurance - Failure to declare unit to insurance companies could result in the inability to recover the costs when filing a claim. Homeowners need to protect themselves from fires and floods.
  • Tenant insurance - Tenants should be aware that the owner's insurance may not cover the property of a tenant. Tenants should also obtain insurance for furniture, equipment, and personal possessions. Tenants should protect themselves against fires and flood.
  • Prosecution - Charges can be issued resulting in fines and registration being revoked for failing to meet applicable Ontario Fire and Building Codes. City regulations and licensing requirements.

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