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Common FAQs

Q. What is ORTIS?
A. ORTIS stands for the Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems. ORTIS evolved out of regional initiatives being pursued by two distinct neighboring groups in early 2014.

Q.  Why did MREB join ORTIS?
A. MREB members needed access to adjoining Boards, most importantly the Hamilton-Burlington Board (RAHB) and the Oakville-Milton Board (OMDREB). Currently ORTIS offers access to both these Boards along with Boards from the following cities/regions.







            Simcoe District


All of these Boards share one common MLS® system which makes inter-boarding a thing of the
past. As well, MREB member listings would be visible by an extra 10,000 REALTORS® from Mississauga to the Niagara Region to Kitchener-Waterloo in the West. This movement is anticipated to grow with additional boards joining ORTIS.

Q. What are the benefits of having access to ORTIS?

A. Please click the following to see a list of benefits: ORTIS Introduction. The biggest benefit is sharing a unified MLS® system and having access to listings from other Boards across the province without paying to belong to these boards to avail this service.

Q. How much does it cost to join ORTIS?

A. Existing members currently pay a one-time “Tech Levy” of $200.00 which is used to defray the ORTIS on-boarding costs, including the registration for secured sign-in by Clarity. Once ORTIS is implemented, MREB offers four easy payment terms which would allow members to pay annually, semi-annually and quarterly. The annual option offers best value for money.

               Annual                                    $900.00

Semi Annual                           $450.00

Quarterly                                 $240.00

Q. So what do the fees entail? Are MREB dues included in the rates that you just mentioned?

A. The fees mentioned includes full MLS® access which includes current listings, sold data etc from all member boards including the Hamilton-Burlington Board who have a data-sharing agreement with ORTIS. It also includes the MREB dues, access to Geo Warehouse, Homes HQ, Showing Time, AnswerLink, etc. It does NOT include OREA/CREA dues.

Q.Is Geo Warehouse included and how many searches do I get?

A. Geo Warehouse is included and you can get up to 1,000 searches in increments of 1,000 searches. You can contact Teranet; they will add an additional 1,000 searches to your Geo Warehouse account provided you can justify the rationale for additional searches.

Q. What do I need to do to get access? Who do I need to contact?

A. There are two ways to gain access to ORTIS. First as a full member of the MREB, secondly through subscriber access. Subscriber access allows a user to get access to the listings available including sold data and pending solds. However, a subscriber access user would not have access to the data from the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) nor would they be able to upload listings which need to be uploaded by MREB staff at an additional cost.

Q. So, what’s the difference between subscriber access and full access?

A. Subscriber access allows you to view listings currently on the ORTIS network from all ORTIS member Boards including historical data. It does not allow you to post listings on the ORTIS MLS® system. It also does not allow access to RAHB’s data. Access to Geo Warehouse is not included for a Subscriber User.

Q. If I am allowed access to ORTIS, what rules do I have to follow?

A. ORTIS basically follows the OREA Standard MLS® Rules & Policies. To see an example, click on the following: ORTIS Policies. The MLS® Rules form part of our Board’s standard By-Laws.

Q. Is this service user-friendly? If I have trouble, will there be someone there to help?

A. Yes, Each ORTIS Member Board has an MLS® Department. Besides an in-house MLS® Help Desk, some of the Boards like MREB have also subscribed to a service “Answerlink” which is a helpdesk setup by CoreLogic, providers of the Matrix MLS® System. They are open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Questions can be sent to or and either the MLS® Coordinator or the EO will respond, even after office hours.

Q. I have used ORTIS through OMDREB or another ORTIS Board. I do not need to be trained. How soon can I get access to ORTIS?

A. If you are confident that you do not require training for ORTIS, we would be able to grant you access as soon as possible. However, we would require proof that you have completed your training. Please provide us with a copy of your training certificate or advise us where you took your training and we will obtain a copy of your training certificate for our records.

Q. I already have ORTIS through the Oakville (or another ORTIS member Board). Do I quit my membership to access ORTIS from MREB?

A. We cannot advise you to quit your membership from any other Board. All we can confirm is our offering and yes, MREB will be offering you the same MLS® access that you currently enjoy from other ORTIS Boards. Please feel free to compare what we are offering versus other ORTIS Boards and you can decide what’s best for you.

Q. I never got any information on ORTIS. Why was the membership not consulted?

A. The proposal of obtaining ORTIS for MREB members was discussed at the Spring AGM. Subsequently, of the members who were present at the event, 92% voted in favor of the system. Thereafter, an online referendum was launched and an overwhelming majority of the membership voted in favor of the system. The matter was discussed once again in November 2017 at the Fall election meeting and the Board sent several email messages regarding this subject. It is possible that we might not have your current email address on file and request you to please update your profile on our website or email us your complete contact information at and we will update our records appropriately.

Q. Is MREB ready to undertake the responsibility of an MLS® service?

A. Yes, MREB has designated staff who would be responsible for the management of the MLS® Sytem. The individuals have been trained by ORTIS to provide the best in customer support. Complex matters are escalated directly to ORTIS by creating a ticket which is resolved within 48 hours. By-Laws have been amended to include Professional Standards and Arbitration. Committees have been formed to deal with member complaints and resolving commission disputes.

Q. How do I login?

A. ORTIS has its own login portal at which is a login each member board uses to sign-in using with their unique login ID and Password. Mississauga Members have their unique “MI” login information provided by the Board’s MLS® department.

Q. I want to be able to access ORTIS on the go. Is there a way to do that?

A. There is currently no app for logging onto ORTIS but the website has been designed on a mobile-friendly platform.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. Please visit the ORTIS website, The following file contains additional information: ORTIS Introduction.

Please visit their website which contains a wealth of information, Basically ORTIS stands for Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems Inc.

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