IntraMatrix Information


The Mississauga Real Estate Board is now part of the ITSO MLS® System.

By virtue of this arrangement, as a Mississauga Real Estate Board member, you will have full access, including listing properties, to the following 2 neighbouring MLS Systems in Ontario using "IntraMatrix".

There is no username or password required to access "IntraMatrix". Users simply log in to the MLS® System, select "IntraMatrix" at the top right of their screen - this allows access to 2 additional Boards in Ontario listed below: 

1. Ottawa Real Estate Board

2. Sudbury Real Estate Board  

Hot Sheets, customized emails and Market Watch need to be customized again while working through "IntraMatrix". Contact Lists need to be created again as the ITSO  Content Lists would not work using "IntraMatrix" since you are logging into the Ontario Collective. 

For additional information please watch this video on IntraMatrix.